We support educators to create results for students.


We support educators to create results for students.

What we do ...

Our Purpose ...

At Instructional Inc., our most important professional purpose is to support educators in order to create positive and conclusive results for students. The world of education is always evolving, and it is our passion and mission in life to stay in front and lead the way for the benefit of all involved.

We at Instructional Intensity, Inc. comprehend the challenges and opportunities today’s diverse classrooms offer; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. A cosmopolitan student body requires a pluralistic approach to instruction. In order to assist educators in providing the best possible instruction to a myriad of learners, our consultants offer multi-layered strategies in broad-based differentiated support. This adaptive approach is based on the needs of students, staff, and administrators. Necessarily adjustable to conditions, differentiated instruction focuses on a multitude of assets favorable towards many learning communities (PLC’s), specifically aligned curriculums, etc. Many know the definition of differentiated instruction, but do not know what it means. Our experienced and trained consultants can help unpack and emphasize the true meaning of differentiation.

Instructional Intensity, Inc. also believes that many minds are better than one. Working together to achieve the best instruction with the best results is our goal. Co-Teaching is one strategy we use to accomplish this objective. We support this by using a side-by-side coaching model in the classroom.We collaborate with your teachers to create a framework that fits your students' needs. Our diversely trained consultants have the knowledge, background and experience to support students and staff with high expectations and scaffolded support.

We offer differentiated support and real-time, side-by-side coaching to support:

Our Mission ...

The task of educating students is huge, too big to do on your own. Let us help. It is our mission in life to do our best to ensure that each student has the best opportunity for an education. The only way to safeguard this sacred undertaking is to give educators the best and most diverse tools available. How can we do this? Simple. We are able to think outside the box because we do not live in the box. This allows us to provide and outside looking in approach in order to support, enhance, coach, learn, and increase student achievement and engagement.

  • Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
  • Tier 2 and 3 intervention planning, professional development, and instructional coaching
  • PBIS planning professional development, and coaching
  • New teacher professional development, instructional coaching, and support
  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) support
  • Co-Teaching professional development, planning, instructional coaching
  • Direct Instruction: Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading Decoding, Corrective Reading Comprehension, Connecting Math Concepts, Corrective Math, Essentials for Algebra
  • We support students, teachers, special educators, Title I teachers, EL teachers,  instructional coaches, paraprofessionals, and administrators.



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