We support educators to create results for students.


We support educators to create results for students.

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Tami Bebee-Schwartz


Tami Bebee-Schwartz earned both her Elementary Education and Special Education degrees via dual major at Montana State University-Billings and her Masters in Education-Curriculum and Instruction from Grand Canyon University.

An educator for 20 years, she spent 14 years as instructional implementor and consultant before opening Instructional Intensity, Inc.

Tami sees herself as a mom, a wife, an educator and a life-long learner. “I am married to an educator, so the 'real world' for teachers, filled with expectations, wins and speed bumps, comes home to my living room and dining table every evening.”

“I understand the expectations and demands on teachers firsthand. I take pride in providing my clients – and my husband - the support each of them need to accomplish great things for kids.”

Sometimes clients' response to working with her gives Tami additional perspective on just how much the work she does with educators matters:

  • “You bring a Positive perspective to any issue or conflict. You are amazing at approaching people with the best interest of students in mind. You also view all situations as an opportunity of growth & you use this philosophy as you provide coaching feedback to teachers.”
  • ”... You brought an acceptance of the current reality (non-judgment) and a relentless focus on supporting deliberate practice (improvement).”
  • “...You are passionate and believe that every child can...and WILL learn.”
    Tami has been invited into thousands of classrooms throughout her career. “This has provided opportunity for me to see phenomenal instructional strategies and skills. I am blessed to be able to share those ideas with others in the trenches.”

She takes pride in building professional relationships to support educators and students. She imbues these relationships with her passion and energy, deeply committed to trust, honesty and being willing to go above and beyond to enable growth and success.

“Glows and Grows are how I've categorized the feedback I give my clients. “Glows” are praise statements of noteworthy observations I make or things I've coached in the past and are now in place. “Grows” are suggestions I recommend and model. “Grows” are always accompanied with rationale. These are not my terms, there are other consultants who categorize similarly. "Keepers and Polishers" is another way to categorize. I can think outside of the box, because this isn’t my box. Educational collaboration revs me up! I love it.”

Tami gives God and her faith credit for her daily motivation. “God has blessed me with this life. A life that cannot be wasted. I have His work to do.“

Her family is at the core of each day. “My husband is the most intelligent, enthusiastic person I’ve ever met. Life is an adventure with him. I learn from him, am encouraged by him, and supported by him daily!”

Tami relates an example of her life's adventures. “My husband is adopted. He has a wonderful family and has never been interested in seeking his birth family. However, the day that our twins were born was HUGE for him. It was the first time he met his own flesh and blood. It was an amazing experience for everyone involved in the birth. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I did have to shout a few times, “Hello, I’m popping out two babies here. Back to me!” :-)

Her son and daughter - twins - and her standard poodles keep her on the move. ”I especially enjoy raising boy/girl twins and observing how they develop and react to situations differently. Being a mom has enhanced my empathy for students and their parents. It’s a tough job, being a balanced parent. It’s also a tough job growing up.”

Home is her favorite place in the universe, but settling into a quiet coffee shop with a book recharges and refreshes Tami, who is big fan of historical fiction.

  • What does she do for fun? Ah, her list is long and varied:
  • Enjoys lifting weights with her husband. “He’s the only Language Arts teacher I know who can bench press 400 lbs. I go a little lighter.”
  • Plays with her 3-year-old twins Loretta and Fredrick and their standard poodles Vader and Lola.
  • Shares a cup of coffee with friends.
  • Delights in being an aunt to three busy nephews and one precious niece.
  • Cheers her nephews' football, basketball, wrestling, and track endeavors and admits to being a life-long Pittsburgh Steelers enthusiast.
  • Watches true crime documentaries.
  • Takes joy in visiting vintage and salvage markets with her mom, who has a keen eye for decorating.

Tami supports other women in business, whether it is corporate or a cottage industry, in an office or from home. “I believe women can 'have it all' when we support one another. It takes a village to raise a mama!”

Tami sums up what's most important:

“The magic never happens in the comfort zone.”
“The only people who like change are wet babies.”
“My husband and I are committed to spending as much quality time with our children as possible.”

Laurie Ivie

Laurie Ivie earned two degrees from the University of Wyoming, one in Elementary Education (K-6) and another in Special Education (K-12). She has National Board Certification for Exceptional Needs Specialist/Early Childhood through Young Adult.

Highly qualified in English and Math, Laurie has a combined 14 years of experience as an educator in both elementary and middle schools (13 years in special education and 1 year general education). In addition, her impressive skill set includes 4 years as an instructional coach: 1 year district-wide (K-12), 1 year high school and 2 years middle school. She has coached basketball since 1999, and is currently the Head Coach of Boys Basketball at Green River High School.

Laurie has a passion for knowledge, teaching and kids. In her own words, Laurie confirms, “ I am an energetic, creative, innovative leader and learner. I am extremely passionate about education.”

She is constantly learning herself, and mentions Trevor Ragan's “Train Ugly” workshop, which introduced her to the research surrounding growth mindset vs. fixed mindset. “I am fascinated by the science of learning. It has forever changed the way I think and approach everything in life.”

Admittedly a list maker, Laurie find motivation for each day by referring to what she calls her “List of Things to Tackle,” which may be one reason she manages to accomplish so much on a regular basis. She has also gleaned much from “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead” by Dr. Brené Brown.

It is not all about work for Laurie, however. She has many active interests.

“Most of all, I love to spend time with my husband Kevin and our sons Kyle, Kolby and Kason. Our Golden Doodle pup Dally is often in the mix.” Besides gardening, she enjoys boating, fishing, camping and hunting. She and Kevin relish traveling all over Wyoming, cheering at their sons' football, basketball, soccer and track events.

Not surprisingly, Laurie is into professional sports, especially NFL and NBA. “It's the atmosphere and environment that I enjoy, regardless of who wins. I never fail to tear up at our National Anthem before a game, and let’s not forget the nachos! I would love to get to the NCAA Final Four – that on my Bucket List. I follow the Denver Broncos and the San Antonio Spurs and am a March madness junkie.”

Laurie's personal foundation sits solidly on her belief in the profound impact that she – and others like her - as educators, have on kids.


Fay Quiroz

Fay Quiroz is currently a mathematics consultant and pursuing her doctoral degree in mathematics education at the University of Wyoming. Her research interests center on her mathematics intervention process and how it is interrelated to mathematics creativity.

Fay received her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a reading endorsement, and her undergraduate degree in elementary education from the University of Wyoming.

She has taught for 15 years in various positions as a teacher, and private tutor, in pre-school, second, fourth and fifth grades.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, reading and camping with her family.

As part of Instructional Inc., Fay Quirozo  supports educators in order to create positive and conclusive results for students.





Wendy Daniels

Watch this space and check back often!

Bio and Interesting Facts about our own Wendy Daniels will be appearing here very SOON!









As part of Instructional Inc., Wendy Daniels supports educators in order to create positive and conclusive results for students. 




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