We support educators to create results for students.


We support educators to create results for students.

Welcome to Instructional Intensity

How Can We Support? 

  • Supporting Students: Closing the Achievement Gap
    • Differentiated approach to professional development and classroom support
    • Reading and Math intervention systems, strategies, and supports based on individual student data
    • Professional development/real time modeling, coaching of differentiated lesson plans, and instructional strategies based on individual and group data
    • Real time, data driven behavior, reading, writing, and math intervention recommendations 
    • Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA)
  • Supporting Educators: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
    • Curriculum implementations: professional development, real time modeling, and coaching embedding high yield instructional strategies into every lesson
    • MTSS: collaboration, creation, and coaching
    • Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA)
    • Para-profressional training: communication, responsibilities, data collection, behavior management, confidentiality, and instructional strategies 
  • Supporting Administrators:
    • Professional Learning Community (PLC) Support: communication, consistency, and effectiveness
    • Providing meaningful feedback regardless of the content, teacher, and students being observed
    • Modeling feedback: feedback cycles
    • Curriculum selection, professional development, implementation. and aligned interventions
    • Data analysis and intervention systems 




Our "Why" ....
We work through the process and are involved at all levels ...


This is why we get up in the morning! 


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